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New Context is a Swedish CSR company with an international outlook. Its founder Bengt Johansson has as CSR ambassador of Sweden established contacts with key international payers in important countries all around the world as well as leading CSR associations and international organizations. The international outlook is important as CSR experts in Sweden has certain edge competences but also are unfamiliar with many CSR issues abroad.


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During the academic year 2015/16 I served as Adjunct Professor at Shanghai University for teaching CSR to 2 Executive MBA classes, one in Shanghai and one in Suzhou. The result is commented in Research Report 1/2016 which you can find under ”Rapporter”. Here is a movie from the concluding seminar held in Shanghai on 28 February 2016. Download here

During the year I have been in Hong Kong I have established contacts with the two leading centres for CSR in Guangdong province, that is the CSR Association of Guangdong Academy of Social Sciences (GDCSR) and the CSR department at Sun Yat-sen University.

GDCSR has 700 members and all people who do research on CSR are members of this association. I visited them in April 2016 and they were kind to publish an article about the visit on their web site Headline: How Corporate Social Responsibility in China Catches Up with the World Trend

In April GDCSR invited me to be Strategic Cooperation Expert. I accepted and the invitation was handed over at a ceremony in August 2016.

Dr Chen Yuanliang hands over invitation to be Strategic Cooperation Expert. Photo: Yu Jueyi

Dr Chen Yuanliang hands over invitation to be Strategic Cooperation Expert. Photo: Yu Jueyi

With the CSR department at Sun Yat-sen University I have had several meetings and enjoy the open and candid discussions with them. There was no opportunity to take part in their English speaking MBA courses as these have been outsourced to MIT Sloan Business School in the USA.